Pirates are flooding Microsoft Edge with illegal games like Sonic and Mario Kart 64

Microsoft’s Edge Extended Storage appears to be hosting illegal copies of a number of iconic games, including Mario kart 64, Super mario bros., Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Pac-Man, Tetris, Cut the rope, and even Microsoft’s own hit Minecraft. The developers listed in the titles are not Microsoft, Nintendo, or any other identifiable game developers, which means that they are almost certainly not official copies of the games.

We found 35 listings in 10 different “developers” with names like “GamePro Inc”, “Gamelands”, “StayReal” and “Kday” including a number of duplicate games. Many entries, even from different developers, had very similar descriptions, suggesting that they could be from the same source.

Here are screenshots of just a few of the games we found:

Oddly enough, Microsoft self appeared to advertise the browser extensions in what appeared to be a now deleted tweet from the @ MSEdgeDev accountthat we saw via ResetEra.

Picture: KoolAid on ResetEra

We didn’t see this alleged tweet ourselves and it’s not currently on the @MSEdgeDev account. But a brave soul on Twitter, Jordan Chase, he said installs the Mario kart 64 extension on Twitter – and so he said in a reply to a now-deleted tweet from @MSEdgeDev.

In his tweet, Chase said that the Mario Kart 64 expansion will download a ROM of the game. While emulators are generally legal and some websites (like Internet Archive) Host abandonware that you can play in a browser. It is extremely unlikely that Nintendo, which is known for cracking down on websites that host ROMs and pirated software, will allow users to download copies of the most popular games through free browser extensions.

The Tetris The extension also appears to be a clone of the famous puzzle game even though no ROM has been downloaded. after Chase. He also said he installed the Pac-Man Expansion, and it “appears to be using direct assets from the original game.” I didn’t install the games myself in case they were doing something nefarious, and I’d recommend not putting them on your computer.

Some of the games we found have reviews from October, indicating that they have been in the Microsoft catalog unnoticed for some time. It is unclear why they were available for so long.

Many listings attempt to circumvent dubious disclaimer issues by recognizing that the listings are not related to the original games. Here is one for the listing for Mario Kart 64, for example:

IMPORTANT: This emulator is not affiliated with or endorsed by Nintendo. All graphics, games and other multimedia content are subject to the copyright of their respective owners and authors. This game is for ALL Mario fans!

Microsoft and Nintendo tell The edge They’re investigating the situation.

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