November 28, 2022

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Poland is in danger of being isolated

Editorial of “The World”. Respecting democratic practices and the rule of law, the Polish regime, led by the Nationalist Right-wing Party Law and Justice (PiS), took a new alarming step on Wednesday, August 11th. The Polish Diet is an audiovisual law that states that under questionable legal conditions, the country’s media cannot be held by more than 49% of non – European companies.

In practice, this text only affects Discovery, one of the most popular American channels in Poland, which renders criticism of the government of Prime Minister Mathews Moraviki, and gives voice to neglected opponents.

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The passage of the law sparked a parliamentary war and an opposition uprising the day after his deputy prime minister was ousted. . This new twist of the Polish regime’s twist once again contradicts Warsaw’s policies of the European Union (EU).

The European Commission condemned “A Signal of Concern for Freedom of Information and Media Diversity”. A new fact, which heightens tensions with the US ally, he expressed his opinion through the voice of his Secretary of State Anthony Blingen “Deep Concern”.

Violations of democratic principles

This new degeneration confirms the dual strategy of the Polish government aimed at bringing about both checks and balances of justice and the media. After neutralizing the Constitutional Court, the PIS, which has been in power since 2015, sought to purge the Supreme Court and introduced a practice of allowing judges the content of their decisions.

At the same time, he turned the public media into a propaganda tool, bought regional newspapers from a state oil company controlled by party supporters and sprayed pro-government media ads on him.

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The European Commission has given Warsaw until August 16 due to the pain of financial penalties, urging it to abandon the new disciplinary procedures against judges and to ensure that the EU court’s decisions are upheld. Jaroslav Kaczynski, the leader of the PiS and the country’s strongman, seemed to be retreating. The war he waged to adopt media law shows that it does not.

In the face of these growing violations of democratic policies, the powerlessness of the EU is evident. The approval mechanism, which was adopted in December and stipulates funding for the European recovery program, unfortunately does not explicitly integrate media diversity into the rule of law, although it is an essential expression.

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Poland’s growing isolation and its slip, exacerbated by the expulsion of a very moderate branch of the government coalition, are of primary concern to Polish citizens. But they are a direct target for the EU and, now, the United States, in a speech adopted Wednesday.

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Europeans and Americans must use all means at their disposal, namely funding the recovery program and establishing NATO forces, to respect the Polish government in terms of the values ​​of democracy. The country’s increased marginalization risk with its own allies.

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