Progressive groups are spending $ 30 million to advance voting rights legislation

End Citizens United / Let America Vote and the National Democratic Redistricting Committee’s plan is to spend $ 20 million on a television and digital advertising campaign and $ 10 million on grassroots efforts to try to get the laws through.

“Our goal is to get support for this law to be passed and to show Senate members that their constituents believe this is a law that just needs to be passed,” said Adam Bozzi, vice president of communications for End Citizens United / Let America Vote.

The bill, which was passed by the Democratic House earlier this month, would increase access to voting and improve transparency and accountability in Washington. But it comes as GOP-led state legislatures across the country have made efforts to restrict voting rights.

Bozzi said the groups’ efforts would target both Democrats and Republicans, but he reiterated that their ultimate goal is to ensure the bill is passed whether or not it receives bipartisan support.

“We are going to run against the Republicans,” said Bozzi, “but whether with 60 votes or a procedural change, we have to put this bill in a position to be passed.”

The ad campaign is expected to launch in Alaska, Arizona, Georgia, Maine, and Pennsylvania and eventually expand to 12 to 15 states. It was previously reported by The New York Times.

The grassroots effort is expected to include calls and emails to senators, contacting local activists, and funding national and state partners to get their members involved in the push.

“If we outlaw gerrymandering, protect the right to vote, and restore power to the people, we can have a government that begins to prioritize the needs of its voters over their special interests,” said Kelly Ward Burton, president of the National Democratic Redistricting Committee.

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