November 28, 2022

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Rapper Jay Polly died in custody at the age of 33

In prison since April after being arrested at a banned party where drugs were found, the musician died under undecided circumstances.

We learned on Thursday from Rwandan rapper Jay Pali, who was arrested and detained since April when drugs were found at a banned party, was transferred overnight from a hospital.

Jai Pali, whose real name is Joshua Tuishimi, arrived at the hospital around 3am on Thursday, Pascal Enkupido, director of Muhima Hospital, located in the capital Kigali, told AFP. “He was in a critical condition and unconscious. Doctors tried to revive him, but unfortunately he died shortly after. At 3:30 a.m., he was pronounced dead, He clarified. Before adding: “I do not want to guess the cause of death. We will find out after the autopsy.

Joshua Tuishime, 33, was arrested along with several others at his home in April, where a banquet was held. These meetings are strictly prohibited in Rwanda due to Govt-19. Victims are forced to spend the night in stadiums, where instructions on the virus are broadcast over loudspeakers or placed in custody. Police said Joshua Tuishimiye and the guests were foundDrug drinking and abuse. ⁇Among the violators were three foreigners, who were found with false credentials for a negative test for Govt-19.Police spokesman John Bosco Cabera said.

The composer appeared in court on Wednesday, during which his trial for drug use was set for December 2. He had asked to be released from jail on the grounds that his 30-day pre-trial period had expired, but he was denied bail.

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The Rwandans paid tribute to this famous singer, especially on social media. “The cultural symbol that contributed the most to musicRwandan.

Another musician, Kisido Mihiko, died in custody in February 2020. This gospel singer, known as a fierce critic of the Rwandan power that banned his music, was hanged in his cell. Police said he committed suicide. The NGO Human Rights Watch (HRW) has called for an independent inquiry rejected by Rwandan authorities. Mihiko, who was sentenced in 2015 to 10 years in prison for plotting against the government before his release, was arrested for trying to cross the southern border from Rwanda to Burundi.

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