Rush Limbaugh completes 180, and Sydney Powell explodes now that Trump has disavowed her

Rush Limbaugh completes 180, and Sydney Powell explodes now that Trump has disavowed her

Rush Limbaugh Totally reversed on Monday, devastating the untroubled press conference of Trump’s legal team that detailed unfounded plots of election fraud. Days after the praise Attorney Sidney Powell – who has since been disowned by Trump’s team – for dropping “bombs everywhere”.

Over the weekend, after Powell claimed that millions of votes were stolen from President Donald Trump by corrupt software, Powell gave Off-bars interview with Newsmax TV It expanded its insane conspiracies to include bribing Georgia’s Republican governor and foreign minister.

With Powell already there He was criticized by Fox News host Tucker Carlson For failing to provide any evidence of its disgraceful allegations, which included allegations that the late Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chávez was involved in stealing votes, The Trump team finally distanced itself from Powell On Sunday evening, she said she “practices law alone. She is not a member of Trump’s legal team. Nor is she a lawyer for the president in his personal capacity.”

Trump and his legal team weren’t the only people who retrospectively attempted to pierce a memory hole for Powell after just days of excessive praise for baseless plots by the attorney promoting QAnon and persistent promises of “Kraken release. “

During its broadcast ThursdayRight after the crazy press conference – which has also appeared Giuliani’s hair dye hangs over his face Also acted My cousin Vinny –Limbo couldn’t contain his joy towards Powell Theories about the Dominion voting program debunked Flipping the votes for President-elect Joe Biden.

“Sydney Powell dropped bombs everywhere,” Limbaugh shouted at the time. “For example, Trump’s vote was so overwhelming, the number of people who voted for Trump to the point that the rigged system, this Dominion system with the Smartmatic program faded. She couldn’t handle it, couldn’t cheat quickly enough, and she couldn’t beat the number of legitimate Trump votes “.

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Limbaugh repeatedly praised Powell’s “impeccable reputation” on Thursday afternoon, claiming that Powell had “evidence of fraud” and “detailed evidence of communist funds” being used “to rig elections,” telling his listeners that the journalist was “an hour full of Forgery. ” Firm and conclusive evidence. “

Fast forward to Monday: Limbo Now he sings a different melody.

“I mean, it’s hard to deny that she was a part of him because they presented her as part of it. I mean, she was at that press conference last week,” he noted, adding that there is no credible denial of Powell’s official involvement in Trump’s legal team. (Ellis said Powell was a member of the legal team’s “elite strike force” on Thursday.)

“You can call a huge press conference like this – an hour-long conference – and announce” colossal bombs, “and then you have some bombs.” “There is better there is something in that press conference than what we got.”

Noting that Powell “jumped the shark,” Limbaugh once again expressed disappointment at the lack of evidence while dumping the president’s legal team under the bus.

He concluded, “I have spoken to many people who were amazed by the nature of the press conference.” “They promised trending things, then nothing happened, and that’s just, not good.”

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