November 28, 2022

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Russia bans BBC reporter for denouncing “press freedom”

BBC correspondent Sarah Rainesford is to leave Russia at the request of the authorities, Russian state television Rosina announced on Thursday evening 24 August 12, which gives a result “Index Exit”. Without identifying a source, the channel explained that the British journalist’s visa had expired on August 31 and would not be renewed.

Being evicted from Russia, I spent a third of my life and I worked for many years, it was devastating. Thanks for all your support messages “, Wrote Sarah Rainsford Twitter.

According to the TV channel, this is in response to London’s refusal to issue visas to Russian journalists working in the UK, including RT and Sputnik media.

Not to mention that Russian authorities continue to publicly criticize the content of the Western media in Russia, misrepresenting articles or statements that are considered rhetorical. But journalists are rarely fired.

“Eviction of Sarah Rainesford [l’un des deux correspondants anglophones de la BBC à Moscou] Is a direct attack on press freedom., The BBC responded in a statement on Friday evening. “We call on the Russian authorities to reverse their decision., Joins the British group, Sarah calls Rainsford “Exceptional and Brave Journalist”.

Persecution of Russian journalists in Britain

For his part, Russian diplomatic spokeswoman Maria Zakharova confirmed the half-word information in a teasing message in the Telegram.

“Don’t be shy, She wrote. Representatives of the BBC recently visited the Foreign Ministry and everything was explained so they could tell everything. “ Spokesperson Russia has condemned in the past, without effect, the “Insults by Russian visas on Russian reporters in Great Britain”.

A spokesman for the Russian Foreign Ministry said Moscow had repeatedly warned London that it would respond to so-called “harassment of Russian journalists” in Britain.

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“We reject allegations by the Russian Foreign Ministry of discriminatory action against Russian journalists in the UK.”The UK embassy in Moscow responded in a statement, saying that Russian journalists would continue to work independently in the UK if they acted in accordance with the law and regulations. “We urge them to reconsider this reactionary move against the award-winning BBC journalist, which could further undermine media freedom in Russia.”

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Proliferation of Russian legal activity

Relations between London and Moscow have been strained for years. The British have accused Moscow of using radioactive and chemical poisons to attack Vladimir Putin’s Russian opponents in the UK.

On August 9, the Russian Foreign Ministry announced that it was not an individual for unidentified British citizens “Involved in anti-Russian activities”. The move was in response to a ban on Russians from territory in the United Kingdom as part of British sanctions in 2020 and 2021.

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The Russian media has taken legal action against the Russian media, NGOs and political organizations this year as anti-authoritarian and has been accused of aiding or abetting Western interests.

Le Monde with AFP and Reuters