November 28, 2022

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Saudi Arabia intercepts ballistic missiles and drones fired from Yemen

Saudi officials announced on Saturday (September 4) that they had intercepted three ballistic missiles fired from neighboring Yemen and targeted the eastern provinces and the southern cities of Najran and Jazan.

A Defense Ministry spokesman said the debris, which was intercepted in the eastern city of Dammam, injured two children and damaged fourteen homes, noting the severity of the injuries.

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“Saudi air defense (three) ballistic missiles and (three) bomb-loaded drones fired and destroyed by pro-Iranian Houthi militants”, A spokesman for Brigadier General Turki al-Malki said in a statement. “Cruel and irresponsible”.

The federation promises to take action to protect the public

According to state television L-Ekbaria, which reported on the interception, the military alliance took over “Strict measures” To protect the public.

Led by a military coalition since 2015, Saudi Arabia has been intervening in Yemen with government forces against the rebels. It is the target of missiles or drones fired by Houthi rebels with the support of Iran, the enemy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The attack comes four days after two drone strikes on the Aba International Airport (south), which injured eight people and was blamed on Houthi rebels by the official Saudi media. It comes just hours before Hans Grundberg, the new United Nations ambassador to Yemen, takes office on Sunday.

Eastern Saudi Arabia has significant oil infrastructure. The previous attack in September 2019 temporarily halved the country’s oil production.

The conflict in Yemen has claimed tens of thousands of lives and displaced millions. According to the UN, this is the worst humanitarian crisis in the world. The Houthis, who control the majority of northern Yemen and the capital Sanaa, are calling on Riyadh to end the air and sea embargo imposed on their country as a precondition for a ceasefire agreement.

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