November 28, 2022

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Scientists believe they have discovered Greenland in the north of the world

Posted by Graziella L. on August 28, 2021 at 1:25 p.m.

During a voyage, scientists discovered the northernmost landmass of the world north of Greenland.

The University of Copenhagen announced Friday Scientists Would have been discovered at a time Travel In July one New land, Who should become In the north of the world, North Greenland. So far it is Odak, From 700 km North Pole, The holder of this record. This Small island No name yet but found 780 meters North of Odak and It measures about 30 to 60 meters above sea level, three or four meters above sea level.

Scientists explain that they went to take samples and thought they were in Odak at first. TheGeographer Morton Rash and his team “We were told there was a bug in our GPS, which made us believe we were on Odak Island. In fact, we discovered a new island in the north, an invention that slightly enlarged the Kingdom of Denmark.Greenland land has actually been Danish territory since 1953.

However, since the new island is so fragile and exposed, Odakal can quickly reclaim its northern part. Short life. This historical discovery may take a very short time to find a name!

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