October 2, 2022

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Serge Letsimi’s list comes first

At the end of a long evening (June 20, 2021), two favorite lists took the lead, finally to the list of Alfred Marie-Jean, chairman of CDM’s board of directors of Vice Serge Letzimi. Can maintain 4 lists for the second round.

What should be retained from this first round of regional elections held on Sunday, June 20, 2021?

Unprecedented voting benefits the most experienced

On Father’s Day, the turnout was unprecedented and alarming – 67.55% turnout, as the rainy weather and a political concession in the eyes of many voters were distorted.

As of noon, the province already had 11.14% of the electorate registered, or 5 points lower than the regional elections since December 2015. The trend has been confirmed. At the same time as 35.61% of voters were registered, turnout was down by just 9 points at 5pm (26.17%) compared to the first round of the 2015 poll.

Such an environment was favorable to the outgoing president of the executive council, who knew how to mobilize his faithful and expand alliances, especially in Lorraine. Sergei Letzimi thanked his party for its performance and the decisive role of his allies.

Fighting of leaders and structured parties

List of Deputy Serge Letsimi and the Chairman of PPM * at the end of an evening before the list of Alfred Marie-Jean, Chairman of MIM * Two lists (as expected) are in the lead. As usual, Alfred Marie rules the south. Serge Letsimi in the north. Fortress-de-France is the difference between the two men in the center and neck and in support of Serge Letzim.

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The way of Yan Montplacer

With his original political family split on several lists, there is no doubt that the former vice-president of the legislature, Jan Mளnblazer, did not even cross the 5% mark.

Disappointment of Deputy Nilor, Satisfaction of Senator Concon

MP Jean-Philippe Nilor expects a better post. His score is particularly disappointing, having been hit hard by Alfred Marie-Jean in the South. Dugosil, River-pilot, River-Sally …

For his part, Senator Catherine Concon led an intense education campaign. It receives more than 10,000 votes and announces that it maintains its list.

We will take our values ​​to the second round and permanently establish our movement in close relationship with the Martinique people.

Catherine Concon

The second round has not been determined

Lists of Serge Letsimi, Alfred Marie-Jean, Jean-Philippe Nilor and Catherine Concon are back on the campaign trail this morning (June 21, 2021). Everyone is interested in being like that, and whatever may come, the winner is the one who gets the highest number of votes.

First round results:

Registration: 306,530

Voting: 99,473 (32.45%)

Whites: 1,901

Tracks: 1,958

Cast: 95 614

Have received:

  1. Serge Letsimi 30,267 votes (31.66%)
  2. Alfred Marie-Jean 24,664 votes (25.80%)
  3. Jean-Philippe Nilor 11,481 votes (12.01%)
  4. Catherine Cancon 10,166 votes (10.63%)
  5. Jan Moneblazer 4,470 votes (4.68%)
  6. Philip Jack 3,747 votes (3.92%)
  7. Patrice Belle 3,407 votes (3.56%)
  8. Oliver Perison 2,135 votes (2.23%)
  9. Max Orville 1 379 Voice (1.44%)
  10. Ralph Montblazer 1,042 votes (1.09%)
  11. Guy Ferdinand 1018 votes (1.06%)
  12. Marcel Celle 661 votes (0.69%)
  13. Philip Pettit 612 votes (0.64%)
  14. Gabriel Jean-Marie 565 votes (0.59%)
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* BPM Martinique Progressive Party

* MIM Martinique Independence Movement