October 2, 2022

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Several cases among White House staffers who have been fully vaccinated

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Govit-19, Executive spokesman Biden said Tuesday.
Jen Saki, Without specifying when the first contaminants begin.

The last case was identified on Monday, during his daily press conference, which noted that he was not identified but was a senior official outside the White House and had “mild” symptoms.

And in Congress

There are other cases of people being vaccinated for Govt-19 among White House staff, he said, without giving the exact number. Health policies have not been “changed”, the president said Joe Biden, Tested “more than every two weeks”.

On Monday, a person on the contact team Nancy Pelosi, The leader of the Democrats in Congress, tested positive for Govt-19 after a full vaccination, elected officials said.

The reports come as the Biden administration is working to revive the vaccination campaign in a country where pollution is re-emerging due to the spread of the disease. Variation Delta.

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