Switch hardware sales hit $ 68.3 million, now Nintendo’s second best-selling home console of all time

The Nintendo Switch has made a total of 68.30 million hardware sales, officially overtaking the NES to become Nintendo’s second best-selling home console of all time.

The number comes from Nintendo’s latest financial report, which found the console moved 12.53 million units in the six months between April and September 2020. The table below shows the correct sales of Nintendo home console hardware as of September 2020.

consoleHardware Sales (Millions)Software sales (millions)
Nintendo Switch68.30456.49
Nintendo 6432.93224.97
Game dice21.74208.57
Wii U13.56103.27

Of course, given the hybrid nature of the Switch, it can also be classified as a handheld console, although there is still a bit of time to overturn Nintendo’s earlier handheld devices. It will likely reach and overtake the 3DS first, which currently has total lifetime sales of 75.94 million units.

Interestingly, the original Switch model accounts for 57.93 million of those 68.30 million units sold; The Switch Lite has launched 10.36 million units in its shorter lifespan.

Let us know if you think the Switch has what it takes to overtake the Wii and become the best-selling home console. Could it even take the mighty DS’s total sales of 154.02 million? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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