November 28, 2022

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The Americans are gone, and Kabul is in the hands of the Taliban



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Afghanistan: The Americans are gone, the Kabul is in the hands of the Taliban
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S. Perez, J.M. Frooks, c. Bayon – France 2

France televisions

After 20 years in Afghanistan, American soldiers left Kabul airport on Monday night, August 30, and Tuesday night, August 31. People are worried because the Taliban are celebrating.

The Taliban, now masters of Kabul Airport (Afghanistan) and its plane successfully entered Darshala on Monday evening, August 30th. At night, 24 hours before the planned date of fireworks and successful firing, echoed to celebrate the departure of the Americans. Before leaving Afghanistan, the U.S. military said helicopters, armored vehicles and anti-missile defense systems could not be used.

On Tuesday morning, August 31, the Taliban arrived at Kabul airport to plant their flag. “We have a message for any potential invader: anyone returning to Afghanistan with bad intentions will face what the United States experienced today.“Taliban spokesman Jabihullah Mujahid said the airport is now there.”Completely controlled by the Taliban. “, France’s Special Correspondent Cyril Payne notes 24. The new masters of the country are now marching on the cityUnder the slightly dumb gaze of the people of Afghanistan“, who”Know [qu’elle] Now towards the application of Sharia, an unknown zone enters the danger zone“, The journalist concludes.

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