October 2, 2022

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The author of a murder in an American newspaper has been found guilty of a crime

Released Thursday, July 15, 2021 at 10:44 p.m.

The editor of a murderous shooting in a local American newspaper, arguing insanity and not escaping from prison, was found guilty by a jury on Thursday.

After a brief discussion, twelve judges, 41-year-old Jarrod Ramos, ruled that the attack on the Capital Gazette three years ago could be punishable, court spokesman AFP said.

Now a judge has to pronounce his sentence. He faces a life sentence.

Jarrod Ramos, who was shot, exploded inside the newsroom of the local Annapolis newspaper on June 28, 2018, an hour outside Washington. He killed five people before being arrested.

The play, one of the worst attacks on a media outlet in the United States, sent shock waves across the country. Then the president, Donald Trump, condemned a “terrible” attack that “shocks the conscience of our country.”

“The crime is horrific. We thank the jurors for listening to the shocking witnesses, watching the horrific videos and the horrific photos,” commented Andrea Sampli, widow of sports journalist John McNamara, who died in the bloodbath.

Jarrod Ramos, who was charged with murder, pleaded guilty in 2019. But his lawyers said his mental illness had weakened his verdict and demanded that he be sent to a psychiatric hospital and not sent to jail.

A test was arranged to conclude. For three weeks, this led mainly to a war of psychiatrists.

Defense attorney Matthew Connell finally appealed to the jurors’ common sense. “It’s hard to define mental illness,” he said, but “living alone in a basement of thirty, urinating in bottles, not washing for weeks, it’s like writing a report of some sort,” he said in the petition, which was reported by the US media.

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But prosecutors said he was a narcissist and had acted to “retaliate and follow a careful plan” after the newspaper had offended his pride.

Jarrod Ramos had a conflicting relationship with the Capital Gazette after attacking it for slander and threatening several times on the internet.

She accused him of an article from 2011 entitled “Jarrod Wants to Be Your Friend” in which he described the trial of a young woman who was harassed on the Internet, which earned her a 90-day suspended sentence.

He spent two years on his attack, hoping he would detain a scout and even a member of a chess club.