November 28, 2022

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The constitution of a government, the chaos at the airport, the disturbance to the authorities … improve the situation

Direction Taliban They met in Kabul this Saturday to define the government’s definition of “inclusive”
Afghanistan. Abdul Gani Bhardar, co-founder of the Taliban and No. 2, arrived in Kabul on Saturday after spending two days in Kandahar, the cradle of the movement.

Mulla, who until then was the head of the Taliban’s political office in Qatar, said he would “meet with jihadist leaders and political leaders to establish an inclusive government.” Other leaders of the movement have been spotted in the Afghan capital in recent days, including one of the most wanted terrorists by the United States, Khalil Haqqani, who said he would be rewarded with $ 5 million for the information.

Pro-Taliban social media outlets have reported that Haqqani met with Gulbuddin Hakmadyar, considered one of the country’s deadliest fighters during the bombing of Kabul during the civil war between 1992 and 1996. Before the Taliban came to power between 1996 and 2001.

Hours later, the same networks declared “loyalty” to the movement of Ahmed Masood, the son of General Ahmed Shah Masood, known for his opposition to the fundamentalist group. Ahmed Masood demanded weapons from the United States earlier this week Northeast of Kabul, to defend against new forces in its Panjir Valley, Has not yet officially commented on the matter.

Since the arrival of Bharat on Afghan soil, the Taliban have promised that their rule will be different from the previous ones (1996-2001), especially marked by its atrocities on women. Without going into details, they reiterated that they want to form an “inclusive” government.

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Three deaths have been reported in the chaos surrounding Kabul airport

But six days after their capture, the political future of Afghanistan worries the international community more than the expulsion of thousands of Afghans in total chaos. This Saturday, the roads leading to Kabul airport continued to be congested. Despite several days of failure, thousands of families still gathered in front of the airport, hoping to miraculously board a plane. In front of them, US troops and Afghan Special Forces searched for them to prevent them from occupying the premises.

Behind them, the Taliban were accused of arresting Afghans serving in NATO and forbidding them access to the airport where they wanted to leave at any stage.

Thousands tried to flee the Taliban regime, according to footage taken by reporters on Saturday after the bodies of at least three people were found suffocated outside Kabul airport. Images from the UK news channel Sky News show soldiers covering three bodies with white canvases. It is not clear how they died. Sky correspondent Stuart Ramsay, who was at the airport, said those in front of the crowd were “crushed” and that doctors were rushing from one injured person to another. These pictures show that many more were injured.

Threats at the airport

Earlier, the US embassy in Kabul called on its citizens to refrain from approaching Kabul airport. A statement from the embassy’s website said, “Security threats may be made outside the gates of Kabul airport.”

Massive evacuation operation in Kabul, Described by Joe Biden as “one of the hardest things in history”Planes from around the world have been mobilizing for a week under chaotic conditions to evacuate ambassadors, other foreigners and Afghanistan through the airport in the Afghan capital, fleeing a country caught in the hands of the Taliban.

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There can be no “certainty of the end result” or “risk of loss” in human lives, The US president said. The United States, which plans to deport more than 30,000 Americans and Afghan nationals through bases in Kuwait and Qatar, says it has already released more than 13,000 since August 14.

Government employees were prevented from working

Pressure is mounting to secure the remaining seats, while a panel of experts working for the UN says, The Taliban have “priority lists” of wanted AfghansArmy, police and intelligence officials are under the most threat. The report says the Taliban are making a “targeted visit” to wanted individuals and their families.

As the work week resumed on Saturday in Afghanistan, authorities prevented the Taliban from returning to work in public buildings, many of them said. “I went to my office this morning, but the Taliban at the entrance told me he had not been ordered to reopen,” said Hamdullah, a Kabul official. “They told us to watch TV or listen to the announcement of returning to work on the radio,” he added.

The Taliban closed all roads to the ministry. They do not allow anyone to enter the building, ”said an Afghan foreign ministry official. One of them told me to wait until the new minister and his directors are appointed. “

“They sent us home,” an official from Kabul Town Hall confirmed. “I came in with a lot of confidence, but was disappointed. Since the Taliban came to power on August 15, government buildings, banks, passport offices, schools and universities have been largely closed. Only a few private telecommunications companies have been operating in recent days.

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Since the fall of the government, one of the main concerns of Afghans has been to continue to receive salaries, which seems impossible without the continuation of the process.