October 2, 2022

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The European Court of Justice and Democratic Poland are crossing the sword in relation to the Warsaw judicial reforms

This is another step in the conflict between Brussels and Warsaw over Polish judicial reforms. There is no disciplinary aspect of judicial reform in Poland “Does not comply” European law, the European Court of Justice (CJEU) ruled on Thursday, July 15, in a ruling that could trigger financial penalties from Brussels.

“Poland fails in its obligations under EU law”, Urges the court. Seized by the European Commission in this case, CJU. “The Global Context of Major Reforms” Confirmed by the conservative nationalist government that has been in power in Poland since 2015.

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The European Court of Justice has specifically targeted the disciplinary chamber of the Polish Supreme Court, which, according to the CJEU, “It does not guarantee all guarantees of impartiality and independence, in particular, it does not oppose direct or indirect influences from the Polish legislative and executive powers.”.

The decision came the day after the same European Court ordered Poland to suspend all proceedings “Moral Room”. If Poland does not comply, it may face financial sanctions.

Government spokesman Pyotr Mல்லller reiterated his position on Poland on Thursday, recalling “Responsibility of the Organization of the Judiciary”. This stop “Proves CJEU’s Deficiency” And mark a “Attempting to snatch the capabilities of member states [pour les porter] At the EU level ‘, He commented in a statement on television.

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Measures that undermine the rule of law, according to Brussels

The Law and Justice (PIS) Party government says reforms are needed to deal with corruption and end the legacy of the communist era in the judiciary.

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But the European Commission seeks to undermine the rule of law by treating Poland and Hungary as European democratic standards.

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The Polish Constitutional Court on Wednesday ruled in Brussels that there was no interim action by the European Court of Justice against Polish judicial reforms. “Does not comply” To the Polish Constitution.

Critics of the government say the move violates EU law and order “Legal Polixit”. Former European Council President Donald Dusk, leader of the opposition Civic Platform, has accused the Ba’ath party. “Leave the EU”.

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