October 2, 2022

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The European Union and the United States have agreed to suspend penalties

After seventeen years of controversy, the European Union (EU) on Tuesday, June 15, announced a five-year agreement to resolve the old Airbus-Boeing conflict, which has poisoned their relationship. A clear sign of satisfaction between the two camps after four years of the Trump administration.

“This agreement opens a new chapter in our relationship as we move from litigation to cooperation on aeronautics.”, Said Ursula van der Leyen, head of the European Commission. In the wake of this controversy, both parties have agreed to suspend the punitive customs duties they impose on each other for five years.

The “Makes it possible to create conditions for fair competition” And d ‘“Avoid fees that are harmful to everyone and only add to the many challenges facing our industry”, An Airbus spokesman responded in a statement to Agency France-Presse (AFP). For its part, Boeing promised to support it “The U.S. government’s full efforts to ensure that the terms of this agreement are respected.”

Washington and Brussels The World Trade Organization (WTO) has been in opposition since 2004 Regarding illegal public assistance to two aircraft manufacturers. But tensions escalated under the Trump administration. Washington was Approved in October 2019 The World Trade Organization (WTO) levies nearly $ 7.5 billion (6. 6.8 billion) in taxes on European goods and services imported each year. In October 2020, the World Trade Organization Recognized Brussels to tax goods imported from the United States. The European Union has since imposed tariffs on US $ 4 billion in exports.

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“America is back”

The announcement came within the framework of US President Joe Biden’s visit EU – The first meeting of its kind since 2017 in Brussels for the United States Summit. The United States seeks to mobilize the EU in their confrontation with China and wants to use this summit to pacify an established Atlantic relationship. Mr. The Trump administration was bad.

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“America is back. Having a better relationship with NATO is in the best interests of the United States [Organisation du traité de l’Atlantique Nord] And the European Union ”, Mr. Biden, Mr.Me Van der Leyen and Charles Michael, President of the Council of Europe. This agreement allows Pita to show it before the summit with Vladimir Putin “America and Europe are united”.

In a statement issued after the summit, Biden also praised a deal that would allow “Opposing China’s non – commercial practices in this field gives Chinese companies an unfair advantage.”. “This is a model we can trust to meet other challenges posed by China’s economic model.”, He added.

“Instead of fighting one of our closest allies, we finally find ourselves together in the face of a common threat.”, U.S. Trade Representative Katherine Toy confirmed the file in March and extended the fight, which expires in July.

French Economy Minister Bruno Le Myre congratulated “Good deal” And call to close “Of course” This folder. “This agreement is an important signal for the resumption of cooperation and Atlantic relations.”, Welcomes German Minister of Economy Peter Altmeier. « We have neither less nor more – fees ”, Because these “Harm to both parties”, He added.

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“Coalition against Beijing”

In addition to this conflict between Airbus and Boeing, the EU and the United States are opposed to a series of other issues, particularly European steel and aluminum exports, which the EU now wants to resolve by December.

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M. Biden House “Mitigate trade conflicts to focus on China’s priority”, Underscores Eric Morris of the Robert Schuman Foundation. As for the Europeans, “They will try to find out what their room is for maneuvering in this alliance against Beijing. There is an agreement between them that the French side is not fully compatible for geopolitical reasons and the German side for economic reasons.”, He adds.

If Europe seeks to protect its large market from unfair competition from Chinese companies, it must also abandon a power that has become its main trading partner. Brussels has not denied a controversial deal reached with Beijing in December Access is open to closed or restricted European investor sectors. It is currently disabled following EU sanctions against Uighur rights violations, followed by anti-economic sanctions from Beijing.

The European Union and the United States have been shutting down anti-Russian forces, accusing them of trying to destabilize Ukraine and Georgia, two neighboring countries that have been provoked by a rapprochement with Europeans. Americans and Europeans tell each other “Ready to respond positively and repeatedly to negative behaviors and harmful actions” In Moscow, according to a draft joint announcement.

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