October 2, 2022

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The European Union has announced that 70% of its adult population will be vaccinated

People are vaccinated on May 13, 2021 near Madrid, Spain.

The epidemic has killed at least 4 million people worldwide since its inception by the end of December 2019, according to a report by Agency France-Press (AFP) on Friday, July 9, from official sources. Day.

The United States is home to more than 606,000 deaths and more than 33 million cases. Brazil (531,000), India (406,000), Mexico (234,000) and Peru (194,000) follow. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that these figures are two to three times higher worldwide, based on daily reports from national health officials.

  • The European Union has enough vaccines for 70% of its adult population

Commission chairwoman Ursula van der Leyen announced on Saturday (July 10) that the European Union (EU) has reached the target of 70% of its adult vaccine. The responsibility for managing the levels rests with the governments of the 27 member states, and some are moving faster than others, but, according to Ursula van der Leyen, “EU keeps its promise”.

Eurostat has announced that since 2020, the EU has recorded an unprecedented number of deaths in sixty years from the corona virus outbreak, since the first day was available. The death toll has risen in all EU countries during this period, but especially Italy (+ 111,700, 18% increase), Spain (+ 75,500, + 18%) and Poland (+ 67,600, + 17%) as published by the European Statistics Office.

The increase in deaths contributed to a slight decline in the EU population by 2020, from 447.3 to 447 million, a decrease of 312,000.

  • According to the WHO, there is a “potential” link between heart problems and certain vaccines

July 9, 2021, Pfizer's Covid-19 vaccine syringes in Los Angeles, California.

There is a link “Possible” Between inflammation in the heart and injection of messenger RNA Covit-19 vaccines. In a statement, experts from the WHO’s Global Advisory Council on Vaccine Protection explained on Friday – myocarditis – inflammation of the heart muscle – and pericarditis – inflammation of the lining around the heart – in many countries, especially in United States.

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“Cases have been reported in the days following vaccination, generally among young people and after the second dose of ambassador RNA vaccine against Covit-19.”, They clarified. However, according to experts “The benefits of messenger RNA vaccines outweigh the risks of reducing hospitalization and mortality from Govt-19 infections.”.

Regarding vaccines, Senegal, Several European companies and countries, and especially the United States, announced on Friday that they would sign an agreement worth 200 200 million to finance the production of vaccines against a plant in this West African country with Covit-19 and other local diseases.

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  • In the face of delta diversity, many countries are tightening controls

Before control, Argentina, The government on Friday extended health restrictions until August 6. Border closures are maintained, but the number of Argentines and those allowed to enter the country has increased.

Malta In the hopes of curbing the uprising in the new events of the Govt-19, it announced on Friday that it was next to passengers whose borders have not been closed. “From Wednesday, July 14, anyone coming to Malta will be required to provide an approved vaccination certificate: Maltese certificate, British certificate or EU certificate.”, Announced the Minister of Health. “We are the first country in Europe to take this step.”.

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Ann Spain, Faces uprising “High Speed” Several days have passed since the Cட்te d’Ivoire cases, mainly among young people, and Catalonia has decided to re-impose restrictions. Nightclubs and other nightlife entertainment venues will have to close their doors and present a negative antigen or PCR test to attend outdoor events involving more than 500 people, or be vaccinated.

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Like Catalonia, the Netherlands sank back to control on Saturday after a daily seven-fold increase in daily pollution. Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte has ordered the closure of nightclubs and restaurants, especially at midnight.

  • Euro Football, Olympic Games… Sports Concerned

The most contagious delta variation on record since the outbreak began to progress around the world, with the possibility of a rally of 65,000 football supporters at London’s Wembley Stadium UK The Euro final on Sunday evening raises serious concerns.

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More ceremonies “Third Half”, Outside the arena, in a country where almost all restrictions have been lifted, but the delta variation has not been left. According to preliminary results from a study by Imperial College London and Ipsos Mori released on Thursday, men are more likely than women to test positive in the UK. Its authors cite meetings to watch Euro matches as a possible explanation.

In Japan, The Hokkaido area decided on Friday to ban the presence of spectators during the football matches of the Olympic Games, which begin on July 23rd. The regional capital, Sapporo, is also hosting a marathon and several other races, with Olympic and local officials already asking the public not to attend physically. In Tokyo, which hosts the majority of competitions, all events take place behind closed doors.

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