November 28, 2022

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The fire in the north of the country continues to burn, and the number is increasing

August 13, 2021, Firefighters in the Kapilia Mountains in the DC Oso area.

Northern Algeria is still burning. Firefighters, soldiers and volunteers worked to extinguish a sharp wildfire caused by intense heat on Saturday, August 14th. “Civil defense teams are currently working to extinguish 13 to 29 fires Distances (Provinces) “, Especially in Tizi Ouzou, Jijel and Bejaïa, Kapilia, a statement said. In the last twenty-four hours, 43 homes in 20 provinces have been shut down. One hundred fires were identified Thursday across the country.

In the absence of a new official global charge, local officials, Ministry of Civil Defense and Defense reports show a total of 90 deaths since Monday. The last official global death toll on Friday was 71.

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On the ground, about 7,500 civil defense agents, 490 fire vans and three helicopters were deployed. Five heavy Mi-26 helicopters of Russian descent were also assembled by the military.

Two French water bombers – obtained by Paris – by the European Union (EU) – and a communications plane, heavily intercepted in Capilia on Thursday and Friday. The charter of the two Spanish water bombers and the arrival of a third plane from Switzerland were announced by President Abdelmadjit Deboun on Thursday evening.

Russia has also offered to supply four water bombers to Algeria, according to the official ABS agency. “In the next few hours”. According to the special site Mena Defense, the Algerian military wants to buy eight Russian water bombers Periv P-200.

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Ceremony for veterans who died in the fire

President Abdelmadjeet Deboun on Saturday promised to meet with the wounded, civilians and soldiers and admit them to a hospital in Algiers and implement all means necessary for their care.

The Ministry of Defense organized two ceremonies on Saturday, honoring the 33 dead soldiers, one at the Algiers Military Hospital, the other in the presence of Chief of Staff Chad Senegriha, and the other in Constantine (Northeast). “These heroes sacrificed for the sake of the motherland and the citizens of their own country.”, On the third and last day of national mourning, said Director General of Security Communications Pa Alem Lam Madi during the funeral.

According to Algerian leaders, the fire was mostly of origin “Guilty” And the firefighters were arrested. Experts and witnesses also point to the lack of anticipation and restraint on the part of public officials facing a recurring event every year in Algeria, especially underscored by the high temperatures this year. Meteorological centers predict temperatures of up to 48 C in the country already affected by water pressure.

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