October 2, 2022

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The hurricane injured hundreds in the Czech Republic

Austrian and Slovak rescue services were expected to lend a hand to their Czech counterparts.

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A hurricane struck homes on Thursday, June 24 in several cities in the southeastern part of the Czech Republic. “We estimate that 100 to 150 people were injured, including children and the elderly.”, An emergency services spokesman said on television. The interior minister warned that he expected the deaths to worsen and stressed that efforts were being made to find people under the rubble.

“All available aid is being mobilized or many cities are moving to the area of ​​Hodon affected by the hurricane.”, He wrote on Twitter. He said the government was also considering mobilizing the army if necessary. Austrian and Slovak rescue services were expected to lend to their Czech counterparts.

Photos and videos circulating on social media showed destroyed buildings and trees on Slovakia’s border, as well as Hodon’s fires. According to the mayor of Hrusky, quoted by the Czech news agency, half of the village was destroyed by the hurricane. Dozens of injured people have been admitted to hospitals in the area, he said.

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