November 28, 2022

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The mystery of Jovnell Moss’ assassination hangs in Haiti

Officials are attending a ceremony in memory of President Hayton Jowanel Moss on July 20, 2021 in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

It is difficult to imagine the most tragic m. The streets are almost empty, and the crossroads are deserted. Even in the gang-controlled neighborhoods of Port-au-Prince, only a few weeks ago the extreme stress escaped, no more noise, no more screaming, no more shooting. As the Haitian capital caught its breath, it sank into an endless abyss beyond itself President Jovnell Moss was assassinated on July 7, And the gray areas are completely paused for the interruptions of an investigation, confusing as they worry. From the official versions of the police officers, it is suspected to be complicit in the crime.

On paper, those involved in the attack were arrested, state officials say: twenty-three men, including eighteen former Colombian soldiers, three Haitians and two Haitian-American dual nationals. According to police, seven arrest warrants have been issued, ten houses have been searched, about thirty investigations have been carried out, four senior security officers of Jovnell Moss have been remanded in solitary confinement and twenty-four officers subject to precautionary measures. Within hours of the killing, three more Colombians were killed. Five people are said to be running. According to the Justice of the Peace in Passionville, the district of the president’s private residence, come and observe the death, Jovnell Moss received twelve bullets in the body. Many of his legs were fractured in the moments leading up to his death.

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His wife Martin Moss was discharged to a hospital in Florida with injuries to his arm and abdomen. In a short recorded message, many experts doubted its credibility, as she did not name her husband’s political opponents, “Internal Enemies”, And promises to continue its process. Returning to Port-au-Prince, he is scheduled to attend the funeral of the late president in his home region of Cape Haitian on Friday, July 23. No other person, bodyguard or staff was injured.

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In a photo provided to the press by the Director General of the Haitian National Police, Leon Charles, you can see two of the arrested suspects and former opposition Senator Joel John Joseph participating in a rally around, subject to a search notice. A great table. According to a senior official, the people in the photo were planning to assassinate Jovnell Moses at a hotel in Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic, a country that shares the same island with Haiti.

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