November 28, 2022

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The president is surprised at France’s involvement in the plot

But who wanted to overthrow the president of Madagascan? More than two weeks after the alleged culprits were arrested by police Rebellion To
Madagascar, The president seems to have his idea. Andre Rajolina actually publicly questioned the possibility of France’s involvement in the affair on Sunday evening.

“If they want to kill me, it is because of my commitment to protecting our nation,” he said in an interview with public television channels. “Commanded a French colonel regiment in the brain of the massacre Chad, In Kosovo and Afghanistan, ”the Madagascan president announced.

The survey “responds to everything”

“But let justice be done, I have no personal problem with my relationship with France,” said Andrei Rajolina. “We will have to wait for the results of the inquiry to reveal whether this is an isolated act or not. The inquiry itself will answer everything,” he continued.

The president of Madagascan, who was elected in 2018, strongly condemned the claim, insisting that “disagreement does not justify a murder.” Andrei Regolina also questioned the position of the so-called “adviser to the Archbishop of Antananarivo” who is said to be the head of the affair. “On the business cards of the CV and the mastermind of this assassination plot, it is written that he was an adviser to Archbishop Antananarivo. But I can say that after this assassination plot I received a letter from the Vatican as a sign of solidarity,” the Madagascan president promised.

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