November 28, 2022

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The Taliban are warning of “consequences” if the US delays departure

Under pressure from his allies, Joe Biden opened the door to maintaining American troops in Afghanistan beyond August 31st. No government will be formed while they are there, the Taliban warns.

Two sources from the Islamic Movement told the AFP on Monday that the Taliban would not announce the government’s constitution in Afghanistan as long as U.S. troops remain on its soil. “It was decided that the formation of the government (…) would not be announced until there was a US soldier in Afghanistan.One of these sources said. The information was confirmed in an instant.

Earlier today, a Taliban spokesman for the Sky News television station warned that the United States and its allies would face off.EffectsIf they delay their withdrawal from Afghanistan, the evacuation to Kabul should continue on August 31. “This is a red line. President Biden announced on August 31 (US) that he would withdraw all his armed forces. So if they (their existence) last, it means that they prolong the occupation when it is not necessarySpokesperson Suhail Shaheen said. “If the US or UK asks for more time to pursue the evictions, the answer is no. Or there will be consequences“, He added.”It will create distrust within us. If they want to continue the aggression, it will trigger a reaction.

Upcoming G7 meeting

On Sunday, August 22, US President Joe Biden, under pressure from his allies, opened the door to deploy troops beyond August 31. “There are ongoing discussions between us and the military regarding the extension.ยป, He noted. Joseph Borel, EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, “Mathematically impossibleTo expel all Afghans who collaborated with Western powers before August 31.

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British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace said on Monday that the UK would like to make a request to the US on Tuesday at a virtual G7 summit dedicated to Afghanistan for follow – up operations after August 31.

James Heppy, the foreign secretary for the British Armed Forces, previously pointed out on Sky News that the decision to extend the US presence in Kabul was not limited to Washington and that the Taliban had an opinion. “Conversation with the Taliban The Taliban will then have the option of seeking cooperation with the international community and showing that they want to be part of an international organization.“Where”Say no to stretchingUS presence, he said.