November 28, 2022

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The Taliban claimed control of Panjir

Protests have been organized in the valley since the Taliban seized control of Afghanistan in mid-August.

The Taliban announced on Monday that they had taken control.Absolutelyஇருந்து From the Panjir Valley, There a protest was organized against them Since taking power in Afghanistan in mid-August. “With this victory, our country is now completely free from the recession of war. People will now live in freedom, peace and prosperity. “Jabihullah Mujahid, a senior Taliban spokesman, said in a statement.

The rebels were killed and the rest fled. Panjir’s respectable people were rescued from the hostages. We assure him that no one will be discriminated against. They are all our brothers and we will work together for one country and one goal“, He added.

Protests against the Taliban in the Panjir Valley have called for a ceasefire after heavy casualties were reported over the weekend. But after the Taliban’s announcement on Monday morning, the National Opposition Front (FNR) promised to continue fighting. Confirmed on Twitter to retain FNR “Strategic positions“In the valley.”The struggle against the Taliban and their allies will continue“, He added. Its spokesman Fahim Dashti – a prominent Afghan journalist – and General Abdul Woodot Zara were killed in the recent fighting.

Fort Taliban resistance

The closure of the Panjir Valley, 80 km north of Kabul, was the epicenter of the Taliban’s last armed struggle to seize power on August 15, and the last foreign forces withdrew two weeks late. As a stronghold against the Taliban for a long time, the National Opposition Front (FNR) was an area aided by the famous commander Ahmed Shah Masood in the late 1990s before being assassinated by al-Qaeda in 2001.

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Led by Commander Masood’s son Ahmed Masood, the FNR included local militants and former members of the Afghan security forces who came to the valley when other parts of Afghanistan fell. When the Taliban came to power under Soviet occupation in the 1980s, or for the first time in a decade, Panjir never fell into the hands of the enemy.