November 28, 2022

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The third dose for vulnerable people in Germany is the national curfew in Morocco

Outside the Vaccine Center in Dresden, Germany on July 29, 2021.

According to a report established by the agency France-Press (AFP) on Monday, August 2, the Covid-19 epidemic has killed more than 4.22 million people worldwide since the end of December 2019. Taking into account the high number of deaths directly and indirectly linked to Govt-19, the WHO estimates that the number of infections may be two or three times higher than officially established.

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  • Morocco establishes a curfew order

Morocco announced the establishment of a national curfew from 9pm on Monday to 5am on Tuesday to fight the epidemic. The Prime Minister’s Office also clarified that travel between several cities, including Marrakesh, would be restricted to those with Covit-19 vaccine holders and medical emergencies.

According to data collected by the AFP on Friday, Morocco was the fastest-growing country in the world last week with at least 1,000 daily pollutants (+ 118%, 5,587 cases daily).

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  • In Germany, the third dose at the beginning of the school year for vulnerable people

Germany 1 will provideThere is In September, the Ministry of Health decided on Monday to provide the booster dose vaccine against Govt-19 to the elderly and vulnerable people, as well as to those who have not received a messenger RNA vaccine.

Booster vaccines are made with one of two messenger RNA vaccines [de Pfizer ou de Moderna] ยป, Assures the Ministry, accordingly this decision “Preventive Health Care Benefit” And takes into account concerns about “Reduced or rapidly declining immunity” In vulnerable populations.

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The German ministry explains that it relies on recent studies to show that “Immune response decreases or rapidly decreases after full vaccination against Govit-19” In some populations, “Especially for immunocompromised patients and the elderly and those in need of care”. From September, the reminder will be given specifically at retirement homes, coordination assistance structures and other hostels that accommodate vulnerable groups.

Therapists will also be called upon to do this for patients with their own immune deficiencies. New injection will be given “Usually at least six months” After the first full vaccination, regardless of the type of vaccine initially used.

Another group is recommended for a booster: those who have been vaccinated with the Astrogeneka and Johnson & Johnson vaccines. They will be given an additional dose of the messenger RNA vaccine (from Pfizer-BioEntech or Moderna).

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  • The delta variant spread to China, and Wuhan struck again

Millions of people in China were locked up in a full epidemic on Monday, mainly in Nanjing (eastern part of the country) and a district north of Beijing. The delta variation is spread across the country. He reached the city of Wuhan, which was first affected by the Govt-19 epidemic.

Since the spring of 2020 China has almost eradicated the disease from its soil, and despite a few contaminants there, life there has returned to normal – from time to time and so far very localized.

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But since the discovery, in July, in the wake of the new cases of Govt-19, this focus has quickly spread. China registered 55 new cases on Monday. Nationally, at least 300 infections have been linked to this focus, due to the wide variability of the delta.

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In the center of the country, the city of Zhuzhou, with 1.2 million people, has been ordered to stay home for three days, just in time for a broader action to find the population.

  • Hong Kong: Mandatory vaccination in some sectors

Hong Kong officials, teachers and caregivers should be vaccinated against Govt-19 or tested twice a week at their expense, the chief executive of the Financial Center announced Monday.

Hong Kong is one of the rarest regions in the world and has a sufficient number of vaccines for its entire population, although it is reluctant to vaccinate (36% of the population is fully vaccinated).

  • Iran: Statistics far less than the truth

In the twenty-four hours since the outbreak, Iran has recorded its highest number of Kovit-19 infections, with more than 37,000 cases, in the wake of the country’s accelerated epidemic, which also recorded the highest daily deaths (411) in three months.

By allowing national health officials, official figures are often underestimated. In less than a week, the country has surpassed 30,000 cases daily associated with the delta type, which is highly contagious.

Le Monde with AFP and Reuters