November 28, 2022

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The U.S. had the option of “exiting or increasing” between the military, defending Joe Biden

His speech was expected. Twenty-four hours after the last American soldiers left Afghanistan, Joe Biden defended his decision to withdraw his troops from the country on Tuesday, August 31, after twenty years of war. Under the terms of the contract made before it, Donald Trump, with the Taliban.

“We have only one simple choice. Follow the promise made by the previous administration to leave Afghanistan, or send tens of thousands of soldiers back to war saying we are not going., Said the U.S. president during a solemn speech at the White House. The real choice was between starting or climbing [militaire]. I am not going to prolong this eternal war, I am not going to prolong eternal dissociation. “

Left Afghanistan “Best Results” To the United States. He defended himself against the terrorist threat. ” Changed “.” Our strategy must change “, Pleaded with the President to consider China and Russia “US must be trapped in Afghanistan for another decade”. He also ruled that the mission was complete: the United States had sent troops to Afghanistan for bin Laden.He added, “He was killed 10 years ago . “The role of the U.S. president is to protect the United States against today’s threats, not the 2001 threats.”

The “extraordinary success” of the eviction process

Under the spark from criticism of the US military-supervised operation at Kabul airport, Joe Biden greeted “Extraordinary Success” The expulsion mission of the Americans there and their allies.

“No country in history has achieved this, Said the US President. The extraordinary success of this mission is due to the incredible skill, courage and selfless courage of the US military, our diplomats and our intelligence experts. “

Joe Biden explained that Washington estimates that 100 to 200 Americans are still in Afghanistan “With the intention of leaving”. Most of the victims are dual citizens and long-term residents who have decided to stay. “90% of Americans who were in Afghanistan and wanted to leave were able to leave., he said. For Americans who stay, there is no deadline. We are determined to get them out if they want to. “

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The incompetence of the Afghan government, the role of Donald Trump

Joe Biden also criticized Ashraf Ghani’s government’s inability to arrange a response to the Taliban attack, which forced the United States and its allies in its Atlantic Treaty Organization to leave in an emergency. He also stressed the role played by his predecessor Donald Trump in the current situation.

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The Trump administration’s agreement with the Taliban made it possible “Last year, 5,000 prisoners were released, including some key Taliban officials who seized control.” Of the country, he insisted. “When I took office, the Taliban were in a strong military position because they controlled half of the country.”, He added.

“I’m responsible for the outcome. Some now say we should have started evacuating people earlier, asking if we could not do this more properly. I do not agree with them respectfully,” he said. Mr Biden said. Although the evictions began in June or July, he promised, “The airport would have been more urgent” People who want to leave.

But, if the American public opinion was initially primarily in favor of this withdrawal, as This is confirmed by a poll published by Pew ResearchOn Tuesday, its conditions were heavily criticized in recent days and the president’s reputation suffered.

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New threats

Joe Biden warned the Islamic State coronation (EI-K), a jihadist organization, after an attack near Kabul airport that killed 100 Afghans, 13 American soldiers and two British nationals. “Slide to finish” With him.

“As commander-in-chief, I firmly believe that the best way to protect our security is to have a tough, ruthless, focused and precise strategy to prevent terrorism where it is today. Where it was two decades ago is not where it was.”

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