The Washington Post editorial board calls on China for answers on the origins of the pandemic; Criticized, praised on Twitter

The Washington Post editorial board calls on China for answers on the origins of the pandemic; Criticized, praised on Twitter

The Washington Post editorial board collects both critical and positive feedback Social media After publishing an article on Friday he called to get answers from China On origins Coronavirus pandemic.

In the widget, the breadboard writes that time Scholars You have assumed the killer virus Spread from animals such as bats, and the possibility of a laboratory accident or leak “should be investigated.”

CNN mocked its reporting of the Cover Origin Rating to China after “CCP Talk Score Quote” for 10 months

They indicated The Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) researched coronaviruses of bats, indicating that Dr. Xi Jingli said that the genetic sequence of the new corona virus does not match the viruses that her team took samples from.

“But this should not be the end of the story,” they wrote. “China is actively covered up In the early stages of the pandemic, it hid the transmission of the virus from its people and the world, and Wuhan doctors punished Who expressed concern about it in late December 2019. President Xi Jinping did not warn the public in China or abroad until mid-January. “

The council noted that Chinese officials have continued since then A set of questionable theories To suggest the origin of the COVID-19 virus He was not in China.

“The disinformation increases suspicions that China is trying to distract or hide something,” the council said, adding that for investigators to uncover the truth of whether there was a leak or a laboratory accident, transparency and verification of the data and sample source “would be a necessity.

“But it was not forthcoming,” they added.

The council also highlighted that the important Coronavirus Bats database and the National Virus Resource Center database portal have stopped connecting to the Internet – which is He told the BBC It was for security reasons – and Claim is cited From the previous one Secretary of State Mike Pompeo The United States government had reason to believe that “many researchers within WIV contracted the disease in the fall of 2019, prior to the first identified case of the outbreak, with symptoms consistent with both covid-19 and common seasonal illnesses.”

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The editorial board wrote: “If the United States government has information that supports this statement, it should disclose it, including declassifying any intelligence information.”

“We don’t know where the epidemic started from. But the main step toward finding the answer is to examine all relevant databases and laboratory records, including those in the Wuhan Institute of Virology and elsewhere, and the clues they might bear,” he said.

In response to the Washington Post article, Twitter Users praised and criticized the work.

“So dumb … @ PostOpinions,” One user wrote. How do “journalists” not see the contradiction between (a) telling us that China lies 24/7 and then (b) building a narrative based on Chinese sources? [bio-attack] On Defender-Europe, Wuhan was one of Truman’s shows. “

“This appears to sum up uncritically DRASTIC’s assertions, which to me appears to be a sloppy work,” Male user. “The work of the ‘GOF’ in question has largely been to introduce spike sequences of the new coronavirus into a well-characterized strain – arguably safer than working with the new virus itself.

It was interesting to watch the laboratory origin hypothesis moving from the distorted “science-denier conspiracy theory !!!” “To the mainstream of academics / journalists who are asking the question,” A. User tweeted.

‘The blackout and [straight-up] The regime’s lies about the origins of COVID are justifiably successful in popularizing questions about lab leaks, ” One user indicated.

A bus carrying members of a WHO team investigating the origins of the COVID-19 pandemic leaves the airport after their arrival at a closed section in the international arrivals area of ​​Wuhan airport on January 14, 2021. (Photo by Nicholas Asfoury / AFP) (Photo by Nicolas Asfoury / Agency) French Press (via Getty Images)

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“I’ve seen so many studies on Covid #disinformation that have contained this as one element in their set of disinformation. Serious question: Should these studies be modified, now that major news outlets share them? #Infodemic,” User commented.

The “Wuhan lab leak story” is prominent [featured] When entering @ Wikipedia on misleading information about “COVID-19″, continue ” @Washington Post Spreading misinformation or is this no longer considered “misinformation”? Seems to be a serious challenge for #disinfo Search, right?

“But WaPo’s news side is still ignoring the topic closely,” User said In response to WashPostPR account.

“Bravo, washingtonpost! You made it through with this editorial. Thank you,” Another user shouted.

Coronavirus cases in China: Does the communist regime exist in the world?

“Finally asking the right questions,” Someone wrote.

Previous coverage From the Washington Post about China’s role in the pandemic was mixed.

December piece From the columnist Mark Theissen – Who else is a Fox News contributor – Asked, “Can we finally blame the Chinese Communist regime for the COVID-19 pandemic?”

Twitter users criticized Theissen for even asking him, It is called “bullshit”.

“Monkey cage” for the Washington Post Policy the team Written in September Which article President Trump Attempting to shift “blame for the epidemic by redirecting the anger toward China” was an “old strategy”.

And noteworthy and horrific racially motivated hate crimes against Asian Americans It soared during the pandemic – It is a statistic Many argue He was spurred on by Trump’s rhetoric, coining terms like “Kung Flu” and “China Virus.”

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For months, Republican legislators Then President Trump led the effort China Accountability The devastating impact of the epidemic.

Rather, some Democrats Like the candidate back then Joe Biden rebuke The Trump Administration – though it’s remarkable These are in the Blue Dogs Alliance Presented a law Project It aims to prevent China from taking advantage of the epidemic.

On January 6th, Written by The Washington Post The policy itself was the real reason for frustrating attempts to get real answers. Wang Linfa, a zoonoses expert at Duke-NUS University of Medicine, said any progress would be more difficult because “politics is advancing science now.”

In January, a team of World Health Organization (WHO) Researchers Travel to Wuhan To start an investigation, visit Huanan Seafood Market And the WIV.

Trump administration Filed a withdrawal notice from the agency After criticism over his handling of the epidemic, Biden Reverse this decision Last month.

China publicly opposed the independent investigation, and Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying revived baseless calls for an investigation by the World Health Organization into US military laboratory in Maryland.

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“If America respects the truth, please open Ft. Detrick and publish more information about 200 or more vital laboratories outside the United States, and please allow the WHO expert group to go to the United States to investigate the assets,” Hua said.

Last week, the United States reached a bleak phase, surpassing 450,000 deaths from the virus over the course of the year About a year.

To date, more than 2.3 million people worldwide have died from the COVID-19 virus. According to the data From the Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center.

It was China Accused of not reporting Its case numbers.

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