The White House presents Biden’s Covid bill as non-partisan – without Republican votes

WASHINGTON – To line up his unit In pursuit of a bold agenda, President Joe Biden sold his Covid-19 package worth $ 1.9 trillion as non-partisan.

But that news crashed into a harsh reality early Saturday morning when the house passed the bill – without a single Republican vote.

For the past few weeks, Biden’s Chief of Staff, Ron Klain, has been marshaling the White House news equipment to represent the President’s case Aid package is non-partisan, not because a GOP legislature signed up, but because polls show it has a large majority of the public’s support, and because of some Republicans mayor and officials outside Washington supported it.

The bill now goes to the Senate, where it also lacks the support of the GOP.

Klain has repeatedly cited polls in response to criticism of a party-political approach.

White House Digital Director, Rob Flaherty said Wednesday that the Covid plan is “extremely bipartisan”, citing a Morning Consult survey that showed 76 percent public support, including 60 percent self-identified Republicans.

While Democrats can do it without Republicans when they stick togetherThe momentum suggests a bigger fight for Biden: the GOP “Revelation” er predicted shows no signs of materialization. and his agenda is likely to be opposed to the kind of full-fledged partisan opposition that plagued Barack Obama as president.

When asked by a CNN City Hall how he would heal a divided nation, Biden cited polls that have found significant support for his Covid-19 plan among Republican voters. He said they show that the US is “nowhere near as divided as we imagine”.

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But those requests did not move the Republican legislature. His job is made difficult by the fact that large numbers of Republican voters falsely say he lost the 2020 election and want their leaders to do so, according to a recent poll by the Pew Research Center stand on him instead of closing deals.

“It’s an interesting approach,” said former Republican Senate Budget Commissioner Bill Hoagland. “What they are saying is that the Republicans who are here are not representing their voters at home, so we should listen to the voters.”

Hoagland, now at the Bipartisan Policy Center, said bipartisanism in Washington has historically meant gaining votes from the other party. He said he had never seen it defined by polls in his 25 years stint on Capitol Hill, calling Biden’s version “an interesting twist in the legislative and democratic process”.

But many progressives like the new approach, including those who criticized Biden’s talk of unity.

“I think it’s super smart,” said Adam Jentleson, a former adjutant to the Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid. “If you let Mitch McConnell define what is non-partisan, there will never be anything.” The definition based on public opinion is correct and opens the door to great things. “

“You can’t have it both ways”

The frustration has spread to Republicans on Capitol Hill hoping Biden would cut his $ 1.9 trillion package to gain their support, however these conversations disbanded after Biden decided their $ 618 billion plan was too small to address the crisis.

“No matter how often they tweet about it, unelected White House employees cannot single-handedly change the definition of ‘unity’. At some point do you just have the courage to admit what you are doing: to run a partisan account through a partisan trial, “said a Republican aide who is familiar with the cross-party Covid-19 relief talks. “You can’t have it both ways.”

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Matt Gorman, a GOP consultant and campaign contributor, described Biden’s approach as “half too smart”.

As a candidate, Biden often grew nostalgic about bipartisan collaboration during his tenure in the Senate, saying he was a president working to revive that spirit. His tenure goes back to the 1970s and 1980s, when the two parties each had a broad mix of liberals and conservatives in their ranks, paving the way for non-partisan coalitions. That is not the case today.

“President Biden promised unity, but the Democrats provide one-party rule,” said Kevin McCarthy, minority chairman, R-Calif., Before two Democrats, along with the entire caucus, voted against the bill.

In his Opening speech In the past month, Biden used the word “unity” eight times and said, “We have never failed in America when we have acted together.”

On February 2nd, Klain quoted A survey by Yahoo News / YouGov shows that more than two-thirds of Americans support the guidelines in his American bailout plan. “This is a bipartisan agenda,” he tweeted.

On Monday Klain wrote that the plan has “bipartisan support among voters; state / local leaders; business & labor” and that it “should get the same in Congress.”

Speaking at a recent meeting with union leaders in the Oval Office, Biden said that based on the survey data, “the Americans” “want whatever is on schedule – no kidding.”

White House press secretary Jen Psaki was riddled with questions from reporters in her daily briefings as to whether Biden’s promise to pursue a Covid-19 bill in a party line vote breaks his promise to find common ground.

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“He did not promise to unite the Democratic and Republican parties in Washington,” said Psaki on February 5. “This package is largely supported by the American public.”

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