October 2, 2022

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The world’s deepest swimming pool is to be built in the UK |

The deepest swimming pool ever designed will soon see daylight in the UK. Not far from the leisure pool, it serves as a training and testing ground.

The technology to democratize space travel seems to be fast approaching, but we still need to prepare humans! This is the stated goal of the swimming pool Blue Abyss, Soon to be built near Plymouth, England. When finished, measure this basin 50 meters long and 50 meters deep In deep place. This is an interesting figure that is the deepest in the world Deepspot And its 45.5 meters. In terms of size, this massive pool can accommodate 42,000 cubic meters of water or 17 Olympic swimming pools.

The basin is designed for all types of submersible tests, commercial diving training and in-depth human physiology experiments. But its main occupation is the training of astronauts.

In fact, Blue Abyss would be better suited to allow tests at neutral floating levels. When a balloon is released underwater, it rises to the surface under the influence of Archimedes. If you weigh your ball, it will sink. But once it is positioned to accurately compensate for this force, your balloon will begin to “float” underwater, without rising or sinking. Replace your balloon with an astronaut and you’ve got the right training space.

This allows simultaneous simulation of low gravity conditions without the technical complications and operational costs of other methods, such as parabola. To complete the delivery of the astronauts, the center that runs the Blue Abyss also plans to provide an aircraft simulator, a decompression chamber and a centrifugal force simulator. Lots of sophisticated equipment that looks like a great playground for our space adventurers.

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3D rendering of the future Blue Abyss site. © Blue Abyss

Excellent conditions for preparing complex maneuvers… or even for weight loss training. Because this center should not accommodate aviation experts; The XXL Battle Pool is also planned to serve as a start-up center for future space travelers. This interesting system is expected to open to the public by 2023 at a cost of around மில்லியன் 150 million.