Tigrayan leader urges prime minister of Ethiopia to “stop the madness”

Tigrayan leader urges prime minister of Ethiopia to "stop the madness"

Nairobi, Kenya (Associated Press) – The fugitive leader of the Tigraya Challenge Ethiopia on Monday called on Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed to “stop the madness” and withdraw troops from the area as he confirmed that fighting was continuing “on every front” two days after Abi. Declare victory.

In a telephone interview with The Associated Press, Depreciation Gebrime Michael said he was still near Mekele, the capital of Tigray, which the Ethiopian military said on Saturday it was now in control. Far from accepting my father’s announcement From victory, the Tigrayan leader affirmed that we are “confident that we will win”.

He also accused Ethiopian forces of waging a “genocide campaign” against the Tigrayans. As the Tigray region continues to be cut off a month after the fighting began, no one knows the number of dead, and the warring parties’ claims are difficult to verify.

Each government considers the other illegal after Abe marginalized the once dominant Tigrayan Liberation Front after he took office in early 2018.

The Tigrayan leader said the fighting was about self-determination for the region, which has a population of about 6 million, and “will continue until the invaders leave.” He confirmed that his forces had detained an unspecified number of “prisoners” among the Ethiopian forces, including the commander of a fighter plane, whose side claimed to have shot down it at the end of the week.

The Tigrayan leader also confirmed that his forces still have several missiles and “we can use them whenever we want,” although he refused a question about the bombing of the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa, saying that the main goal is to “cleanse the Tigrayans of invaders.” . My father was again accused of collaborating with neighboring Eritrea in the attack on Tigray, something my father’s government denied.

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As for the idea of ​​talks with Abe’s government, something that Abiy’s government has repeatedly rejected, the Tigray leader said “depends on the content” and Ethiopian forces will have to leave the area first.

“The civilian casualties are extremely high,” he said, although he denied any estimate of the number of victims. He accused the Ethiopian forces of “plundering wherever they go.”

“The suffering is greater and greater every day,” he said, describing this as collective punishment against the Tigrayans for their faith in their leaders.

The nearly month-long fighting between Ethiopian federal and regional forces in Tigray threatened to destabilize Ethiopia, the Horn of Africa’s strategic hub, and its neighbors.

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) said on Sunday that hospitals and health centers in the Tigray region are seriously short of supplies to care for the wounded. Food is also declining, as a result of the region being cut off from foreign aid for about a month.

In a rare insider report The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) also said that a major hospital in northern Ethiopia, the referral Aider Hospital, lacks body bags and that 80% of its patients have injuries.

Fears are growing of a large-scale humanitarian disaster. The United Nations was unable to reach the Tigray region with aid. Human rights groups and others are concerned about the atrocities that may emerge once transportation and other connections are restored.

Nearly one million people have been displaced, including some 44,000 who have fled to Sudan. The camps in Tigray, which housed 96,000 Eritrean refugees, were in the line of fire.

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“We need first and foremost to reach Tigre,” said UN High Commissioner for Refugees Filippo Grandi on Sunday, adding that his UN colleagues in Addis Ababa are having discussions with the government there. My father’s government promised a “humanitarian corridor” that it would run itself, but the United Nations stressed the importance of impartiality.

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