October 2, 2022

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To avoid shortages in the event of a crisis, a bill allows for temporary “confiscation”

Is the left-wing government of Point Pedro Sanchez willing to expropriate the property of Spanish citizens? Not yet voted, a bill is already causing controversy In Spain. According to
Daily Country, The government can
CrisisAsk adults to temporarily “seize the goods” and “personal services”, especially health.

These activities will be “graduated and proportional to the situation to be faced” and will be limited to the time required to deal with the crisis, which continues daily. Project According to the law It also plans to provide compensation to those who temporarily seize property or see their activity suspended during a crisis.

And prevent shortages

Daily notes that the bill provides measures to prevent further shortages, such as the lack of protective equipment against the corona virus found at the onset of infections. “The main purpose of this law” is to “create lists of resources of national interest” to help manage crises quickly. Extensive For its part, Confidence is a digital information platform.

With this speech, the site says that the Spanish administrator “wants to improve the system of coordination between administrations to maintain a” war balance “of elements ready to deal with crises such as the corona virus, but also for other types of crises.

“Regulate Industrial Production”

In a press release Released on June 22, it indicates that the Spanish government, which has negotiated the text with various provinces of the country, has approved the bill in the Council of Ministers. This text, particularly motivated by the corona virus crisis, provides for the “establishment of the need to regulate industrial production in Spain in accordance with the requirements dictated by the crisis situation.”

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In order to control the dependence of this text on international distributions, it is also necessary to restrict the “strategic balance” based on “national industrial production capabilities”.

Finally, the National Security Council can “take the necessary steps” to make these resources available when it identifies a “situation that could lead to declaring a situation of interest to national security.” The government has not expanded these measures, nor mobilized civilians in the event of a crisis or proposed possible seizures. Country.

Contact person 20 minutesThe Spanish Embassy did not want to go into more detail about the new rules in this text.

The bill has not yet been debated by members of the Spanish parliament. It must collect the majority of votes to be accepted. Popular party leader Pablo Casado, Has already announced it His opposition to this text.