October 2, 2022

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Tokyo 2021: Closed door for the Olympics – “No spectators”: Olympic Minister announces

No audience“In Tokyo. Two weeks before the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games (July 23 to August 8), Olympic Minister Tamayo Marugawa made the announcement on Thursday, just hours after the Japanese government decided to postpone a state of health emergency in Tokyo from Monday to August 22. , Which is a device that covers the entire duration of the Olympics.

In many regions, the number of new cases (Written by Govt-19) Has been declining, but it has been steadily rising in the Greater Tokyo area since the end of last month, Underscored the Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suka. Given the impact of the new species, we need to step up efforts to prevent a recurrence of the disease across Japan.Now, it is believed that the delta variant will represent about 30% of cases in Japan.

In Japan, health emergencies are much lower than locks imposed anywhere else in the world, restricting alcohol sales and forcing bars and restaurants to close earlier. But the restrictions also concern the number of spectators at cultural and sporting events.

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The IOC supports the decision

The IOC has released a joint statement with the International Paralympic Committee.This decision is for the benefit of safe and secure games for all“, All”It is deeply regrettable to the athletes and spectators that these steps need to be taken“.

In Japan, the level of emergency operations is much lower than that imposed anywhere else in the world, mainly by asking bars and restaurants to close earlier and limiting the number of visitors to sporting or cultural events.

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In June, the organizers of the Olympics decided to allow 50% of the capacity of a site with 10,000 spectators to be local spectators. But they warned that if the health situation in Japan worsens again, these restrictions could be tightened up to the closed door.

Japan faces Govt return

About 11,000 athletes are expected in Tokyo, all of which have been subjected to severe anti-Govt. The Japanese archipelago has not yet been saved from the Kovit-19 epidemic, with about 14,900 deaths officially reported since the beginning of 2020, and its vaccination program has been accelerated since May alone.

More than 15% of the population has been vaccinated so far, and experts fear the delta variation could trigger a new wave of hospitals in Japan that have already seen three emergencies since last year.

The Olympic torch relay, which has been banned on public roads in most parts of Japan, is scheduled to take place behind closed doors in the capital from Friday, instead of very limited festivities up to the Games. On Tuesday, the organizers of the Olympics had already announced that they would ask the public to refrain from participating in marathon and walking events organized in Sapporo (northern Japan).

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