Trump on rumors of Meghan Markle running for president: ‘I hope that happens’

Trump on rumors of Meghan Markle running for president: 'I hope that happens'

previous president Donald Trump Fox News said Tuesday that if it is Rumors Surrounding Meghan Markle Possible presidential bid for 2024 Prove he is correct, he will have a “stronger sense of running” in the upcoming elections.

Trump has been asked to consider reports that Markle may be looking to run for president in an exclusive interview “Fox News’ climax” Host is Maria Bartiromo.

“Mr. President, what do you think Meghan Markle would say now – meet democratic agents, you might want to run for president?” Bartheromo asked.

Megan Markle as president?

The Daily Mail Quote An unnamed British politician over the weekend claimed that Markle was meeting with Democratic agents to explore a possible bid for the presidency in 2024.

“I hope it does. If that happens, I think I will have a stronger feeling about running,” Trump told Partheromo. The former president did not confirm whether he intended to run again in 2024 earlier in the interview.

But he told Bartheromo that he is “not a fan of” Markle because of the way “she talks about – the royals and the queen.”

“I think I know the queen as you know. I met the queen and I think the queen is a wonderful person, and I’m not a fan of Meghan,” he said.

Jason Miller, Trump’s chief communications advisor I showed In a Wednesday interview on the Steve Bannon podcast, Trump found him Markle To be “not good” after meeting the bomb with Oprah Winfrey That dominated the headlines earlier this month.

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“It’s not good …” Miller said, retrieving comments from the former Commander in Chief.

Trump reportedly said: “I said it, and now everyone is seeing it.”

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