October 2, 2022

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U.S. Scouts reach $ 850 million deal with victims

Nearly 100,000 complaints of sexual violence were registered against American scouts. They reached a $ 850 million ($ 718 million) agreement with groups representing tens of thousands of men who have filed complaints of sexual violence, an important step in resolving the flood. Allegations that pushed the organization into bankruptcy.

In the document filed on Thursday 1stThere is In Delaware Bankruptcy Court in July, the Boy Scouts of America said the deal with scout groups involved in sexual violence included the claims of about 60,000 victims.

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The groups called the deal separately“Significant achievement in reaching consensus” Among the majority of applicants are the Boy Scouts of America and more than 250 local councils.

Insurers are excluded from the contract

Thursday’s contract must be approved by a judge and may face opposition from insurers.

In a document filed in court, the insurer said Boy Scouts of America withdrew them from the negotiations and placed too much weight on the victims’ lawyers to design the deal.

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