UAE officials said that the Corona virus vaccine extracted from the Chinese company Sinopharm is 86% effective

UAE officials said that the Corona virus vaccine extracted from the Chinese company Sinopharm is 86% effective

Synopharma’s effectiveness rate puts the company’s vaccine behind Moderna at 94.5 percent and Vaser Bio-Tech at 95 percent, but ahead of AstraZeneca is 70 percent. But the data from the Phase 3 trial has yet to be released, and Emirati officials have provided only a handful of headlines. Sinopharm did not immediately respond to requests for comment on Wednesday.

Released Phase 3 pilot data on vaccine candidates from the US-based biotechnology company Moderna, which is partnering with the National Institutes of Health; US pharmaceutical giant Pfizer and its German partner, the biotech company BioNTech; And the British-Swedish pharmaceutical company, AstraZeneca and its partner, University of Oxford.

The vaccine is one of two vaccines developed by Sinopharm that have been granted a case of emergency use within China to prevent infection with covid-19, the disease caused by the novel. Corona Virus.

Indeed, Sinopharm coronavirus vaccines are perhaps the most widely used worldwide. The company’s president told Chinese media last month that Approximately 1 million People who have received doses, including Chinese nationals working abroad. China has been criticized for introducing vaccines widely Before clinical trials are completed. Sinopharm said in late November that it had applied for final approval from Chinese regulators.

The UAE Ministry of Health announced on Wednesday that it had done so Record the Sinopharm Coronavirus Vaccine For general use, after approval for emergency use in the country in September. Several senior Emirati officials got an opportunity.

UAE health officials said they reviewed the company’s interim analysis of results from a phase 3 trial of the vaccine that gave it an 86% efficacy rate.

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The UAE Ministry of Health said: “The analysis does not show any serious safety concerns,” adding that the results showed that the vaccine was 100% effective in preventing moderate and severe cases of the Coronavirus.

The UAE’s approval paves the way for the widespread use of Sinopharma vaccine in the developing world. Unlike Moderna and Pfizer-BioNTech vaccines, which require extremely cold storage, Sinopharm vaccines can be stored in regular refrigerators, making it a more attractive option for some developing countries. Morocco, West, sunset Had ordered 10 million doses of Sinopharm vaccines.

The company’s vaccines are still in phase three of testing in Egypt, Bahrain, Peru and Argentina.

A second Chinese company, Sinovac, He also has a coronavirus vaccine in late stages of trials in Brazil, Indonesia and Turkey.

Starting in September, the Sinopharm vaccine has been used to vaccinate Emirati health workers who are considered most at risk of infection. Phase 3 vaccine trials have been conducted in several countries, including the United Arab Emirates, with 31,000 people from 125 nationalities participating.

The government news agency described the registration of the vaccine as a “great vote of confidence by the UAE health authorities in the safety and effectiveness of this vaccine.”

The UAE has seen an increase in coronavirus cases in recent months. The country went from reporting a few hundred new infections per day in August to more than 1,200 cases per day by November. 178,837 cases of infection have been recorded since the start of the epidemic, but fewer than 600 deaths.

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Sinopharm officials have made bold claims about the vaccine’s performance in the past few months. Company President, Liu Jing Chen, He said at a conference in November Of the 56,000 people who received the Sinopharm coronavirus vaccine before traveling abroad, none were infected.

He said that 81 of the 99 employees of Huawei’s Mexico office were vaccinated and did not have coronavirus, while 10 of the unvaccinated employees had contracted the virus.

I mentioned a scheme from Dubai.

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