October 2, 2022

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Underwater fire caused by a leak from a gas pipe that was finally extinguished

The pictures are very interesting. On Friday, a gas pipeline leaked in the Gulf MexicoThere was an underwater fire. The play unfolds a few hundred meters from a sea oil platform, west of the Yucatan Peninsula off the coast of Mexico. In the pictures, this fire almost looks like a volcanic eruption. The fire is said to have been under control after five hours of fighting.

These are the facilities of Bemex, the Mexican state oil company. A spokesman for the company said the fire did not cause any damage and that there was no “leak” in the sea … not to mention burning in the water. France Inter.

Among the 20 most polluting companies in the world

Since this company is known to be very careful not to contaminate, it is permissible to doubt the claims of Bemex. Defender It was ranked in 2019 as one of the 20 most polluting companies in the world in terms of carbon emissions. Already in 2019
Another company’s pipe exploded And caused a hundred deaths in Talahuwilpan.

The Gulf of Mexico, which has large underground hydrocarbon reserves, is used for the environmental disasters associated with the exploitation of these deposits. The most important event was the 2010 eruption of a BP offshore stage in Louisiana, USA. The blast killed 11 people and the leaks caused a major oil spill.

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