October 2, 2022

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Video – Cyprus: The island’s green lungs were destroyed by its worst fire

DISASTER – A huge fire that was completely under control this Monday morning destroyed the Trudeau Forest in Cyprus (southern). Four Egyptian workers were killed in the blaze.

Cypress’s green lungs ignite and clear everything in its path. Trapped in flames, four Egyptian workers were killed Sunday, 25 km south of the Mediterranean island of Limassol. The men left their car and tried to flee as cattle, but were caught by flames at an altitude of 600 meters. Their vehicle was found burned in a valley by local authorities. This fire is worse than ever on the island. “Is completely under control“, Announced this Monday morning.

Due to strong winds, 55 km. The forest and dozens of villages were smoked within 24 hours. Residents in the area, still shocked, testify in the TF1 report under the title of the article: “We were raised here … we lost our crops, our church, our mountains … everything we had”. Tells a woman with tears in her eyes. “I saw the fire approaching the top of the mountain”, To another woman, moved. “When the authorities were alerted we took my son’s car to flee. But helicopters, planes and firefighters arrived too late.”

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The fire is under control 24 hours after the first flames

Faced with the scale of the tragedy, the island appealed for international help. The UK, Spain, Greece and Israel immediately dispatched several Canadians to assist Cypriot firefighters. According to government spokeswoman Niovi Barisino, this support helped put out almost all the fires. However, “Efforts must be made to extinguish the last flames.” She’s done. “After successful drops of water and (fire) eruptions from Greek and Israeli aircraft were reduced, fire and forest services inspected the affected areas and now they are considered safe.”

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As water and electricity supplies are gradually being restored in the south of the country, an in-depth investigation has been launched to determine the cause of the fire. Currently, the 67-year-old is in police custody but denies the allegations. However, a witness said he left the scene when the fire broke out.

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