October 2, 2022

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Video. In debt to build the highway, Montenegro will have to hand over the land to China



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Montenegro: Chinese-funded highway construction will be a failure
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A. Mycosi, F. Griman, J .; Martinovic, Images Drone: Radoz Rovanik – France 2

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Montenegro borrowed one billion euros from China to finance the construction of a highway. But the country may be forced to give up part of its territory to repay this debt.

Bar in Montenegro is the largest industrial port in the Balkans, the gateway to Central Europe. China could very soon connect to it in a legitimate way. How to explain it? Initially, Montenegro wanted to build a highway to open the country. A Chinese bank lent the country ஒரு 1 billion in 2015, and another Chinese-controlled company was put in charge of construction.

Six years later, only 40 kilometers are under construction. Work has accumulated delays, the shell has not been completed and, above all, billions of euros have already been spent. To complete the course, the State of Montenegro must put his hand in his pocket. Prime Minister Zdravko Krivokapic did not hide his questions. “I have to admit that this is the most expensive highway in Europe. In Serbia, the same length and similar terrain would cost 16 million euros per kilometer. We are 26. I do not understand this difference.”, He exploded, pointing to the company as the main contractor.

Chinese officials did not want to answer France 2’s questions about the reasons for the extra cost or the consequences of bankruptcy. If the contract provides it Montenegro will not be able to repay this loan and will have to give the land to China as compensation. Fearing a default, the government asked the EU for help.

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