November 28, 2022

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What are the Taliban doing?


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Afghanistan: What should the Taliban do?
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The Taliban captured the Afghan capital on August 15, 2021, causing people to flee. Who are they? What is the future of the country? What support do they get? Questions and Answers.

They are staged on the Senate stage in Kabul. The Taliban have power in Afghanistan. But for what type of state? The name they choose declares color: the Islamic State of Afghanistan. They claim to be enforcing Sharia law and have already been charged with murder, beheading and violating women’s rights. But today, the involvement of the Taliban is much better than it was twenty years ago. “We will create an Islamic state of Afghanistan that includes us. Women get education and employment and of course they wear hijab“, He said On the BBC Suhal Shaheen, Taliban spokesman.

In Afghanistan, yes. This explains the speed of their attack. A section of the population, exhausted by the US presence and government corruption, welcomed them as liberators. Abroad, Pakistan has been their lifelong ally. For months, relations have been established with Iran, Russia and especially China. Beijing hopes for friendly relations with the new regime.

Westerners fear the backbone of terrorism. The Taliban signed the Doha Accord with the United States, although Dash’s enemies but closely linked to al-Qaeda. “The basis of the agreement between the United States and the Taliban is ‘We allow power to repent in Afghanistan, but let Al Qaeda no longer organize attacks against us’Pascal Boniface, director of the Institute for International and Strategic Relations, explains, “But according to some experts, many anti-Western terrorists can now join Afghanistan.”

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