October 2, 2022

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White cops accused of beating up a black colleague in public attire

In 2017, U.S. justice handed down the first sentences against white police officers who beat up a black opponent, without knowing that he was in fact a co-worker working in secret.

Randy Hayes, 34, who pleaded guilty on Tuesday, July 13, was sentenced by a federal judge to more than four years in prison.“Unfair use of force”, According to court documents. His ex-girlfriend Bailey Coleta, who tried to cover him up, was sentenced to three years in prison on Thursday for giving false testimony, local daily reporters reported. St. Louis Post Dispatch.

In June, another agent, Dustin Boone, was convicted by an arbitral tribunal. His sentence will be pronounced on September 15, four years after the start of the trial, among others in the United States in connection with police abuse.

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“Tying these knot heads would be fun”

On September 15, 2017, the city of St. Louis, Missouri, caught fire after releasing a white police officer who had killed a black man in a 2011 chase. The city later suspended riot control units to restore peace.

Responsible for arresting confusing elements, many agents, according to the indictment, expressed their views “Insult to protesters” And their “Enthusiasm for the idea of ​​using force against them”. “It’s fun to hit those knot heads when the sun goes down, and we can no longer be identified.”, Thus Dustin Cat announced in a transcript discussion in a justice document.

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Thus, on September 17, they attacked a black fellow in civilian clothes, Luther Hall, who was in charge of gathering information at the procession. Believing he was an opponent, they kept him “He was thrown to the ground and severely beaten, but at the same time did not cooperate and pose a physical threat.”, As charged. His white teammate, in civilian clothes, escaped from their feet.

After discovering his identity, they gave false testimony in an attempt to justify their behavior. They contacted a police officer with twenty-two years of experience as a victim and did not succeed in preventing them from filing a complaint. In February, the city of St. Louis Mr. Hall agreed to pay $ 5 million to complete a civil complaint.

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