Wife of a jailed Canadian pastor speaks out: ‘This is not the country I grew up in’

Wife of a jailed Canadian pastor speaks out: 'This is not the country I grew up in'

Reverend James Coates was arrested in Canada To hold a a church Service against Corona Virus The regulations and his wife, Irene Coates, are now speaking out against the grievances of the state that brought them up.

“This is definitely not the nation I grew up in,” she said.Tucker Carlson tonight“Thursday.” For a while, I think our freedoms have been stripped of us slowly, and so slowly over time that we didn’t even realize it. “

Coates said her husband, a pastor who “devoted his life to sacrifice and love for others,” does not shock anyone, illustrating how Canadians have become less sensitive to their abstract freedoms.

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“We are on a dangerous road now,” she said. “And I think because we’ve been in the pot for so long, until boiling, that people don’t really realize the danger we face as a nation.”

As officials choose internationally and who to prosecute for disobeying the orders of the pandemic, the pastor’s wife said she believes her husband has singled out an “enemy” against him against the Christian faith.

“Yes, we have an absolute real enemy, and he is using people to target God’s servants,” she said. “We know that through the Bible; we know that through the history of the church. So I really think they are being targeted in our country.”

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James Coates has been denied bail, but is reported to be released in the near future, and he still faces at least one count. His wife mentioned that he is having difficulty in prison.

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She said, “He is unable to care for the people he loves, cannot challenge his mind, and cannot serve the way he loves to serve the people.” “This is difficult for him.”

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