November 28, 2022

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Will Thai police protect their murderous colleague?

Thailand fears that the policeman who tortured and killed a drug trafficker nicknamed “Joe Ferrari” will be protected by his colleagues.

The main suspect in the murder of a drug dealer at the Nagaon Sawan police station, Colonel Didison Uttanafon, was able to escape after surrendering to police on Thursday (August 26).

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Police officers have been accused of using a press conference Thursday night to try to free Colonel Dixon, which has raised suspicions among the public, especially on social media, that he will not be punished in the end.

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Stop lying Joe

The slogan “Stop Joe Lying” appeared on Twitter in Thailand on Friday, referring to Colonel Didison’s nickname Joe Ferrari.

The former head of the Nagaon Sawan police station surrendered to police at the Crime Prevention Unit (CSD) in Bangkok on Thursday evening.

Didison admitted that he had ordered the drug trafficking suspect, Chirapong Tanapat, to be somewhat suffocated with plastic bags, but said he had no intention of extorting money from him.

He said he saw pictures of about a kilogram of crystal meth and 20,000 speed tablets on Sirabong’s cell phone and tried to get more information from him.

“I covered the suspect’s head with plastic bags to prevent him from seeing the officers’ faces, but he tried to remove them, so I had to tie his hands too,” he promised.

“My aim is to destroy the drug trade and get information to protect the Nagan Sawan people.

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I made a mistake. Those under me only followed my orders and I accept full responsibility for them, ”he said.

The 39-year-old policeman told a suspect that this was the first time he had done so and denied other bribery allegations.

“I swear on the amulet around my neck that I have never been involved in bribery in connection with an attempt to extort a million baht,” he said.

Many Thai people wear sacred Buddhist amulets around their necks, and it is common to swear on their talisman.

Title of the famous song by Thai singer Czech Loso:

“Om pra ma boot kore mai suva”: Even if you have Buddha in your mouth, I do not believe you.

Wicha Mahakun, a member of the delegation reviewing the Royal Thai Police Bill, said on Friday that the public feared the suspects would try to escape from it.

“Don’t try to cover the whole sky with your palm,” said Vicha, a former commissioner of the National Anti-Corruption Commission.

Mr Wicha also cited the 2017 Supreme Court ruling in a case in which police officers used a bag to cover a suspect’s head during a visa.

The court ruled that officers should have known the suspect was strangled and attempted murder.

Conflicting statements

The former MP, Switzerland Komolvisit, posted on Facebook, “Joe says he wants to extract information for the benefit of the people.

Did he not mention why the wife of the suspect arrested at the same time was released?

There is something fishy.

The policeman says he wants to do a good deed, but used the wrong attitude.

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If the case is left in the hands of the Nagaon Sawan police, they are unlikely to be severely punished, ”Swit said.

National Police Chief Suvat Jungyotsuk said the CST would be responsible for the investigation and any officer involved would be punished.

Gen. Swat said police had reviewed the video clip and found no evidence that he had extorted more than one million baht as alleged.

However, the investigation will continue as the case has attracted public attention, he said.

The Nakhon Sawan court refused to grant bail to the seven accused in the case, arguing that it was a murder, a harsher sentence, and the authorities put the risk of leakage.

A lawyer has been charged with defamation for posting a murder video

A defamation suit was filed Friday (August 27) against a lawyer who released a video of Joe Ferrari killing a drug trafficking suspect.

On Monday, a well-known lawyer, Sidda Bearbangard, posted on his social media pages a video clip of “Joe Ferrari” committing a crime like Uttana.

The defamation complaint was lodged against him by a lawyer named Desha Kittivitayanun, who had the video before it was posted on social media.

“I prosecute Mr Sidda for violating the Computer Crime Act after he was accused of trying to intimidate the former police chief of Nagaon Sawan police station,” he declared.

Sidda told the media on Tuesday that he had received the clip from a downline official and that before the clip was posted, the downline official first sent the video to Decha, but he refused to disclose it because he wanted to blackmail Joe for money. .

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Desa denied this claim.

He said he received the clip from a high-ranking police officer a few minutes before receiving Sidda, but decided not to make it public as the case was ongoing. Do not want to damage the investigation and evidence.

Source: Bangkok Post