November 28, 2022

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“Wrong”, “disaster”, “comedy” … American newspapers criticize Joe Biden’s speech on leaving Afghanistan.

On August 17, 2021, US President Joe Biden addressed the nation on the situation in Afghanistan as traders work in the New York Stock Exchange.

“A disaster”, “a provocative defense”, “a president for self-defense”. Address by US President Joe Biden, Which sought to justify the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan for about twenty minutes, received numerous comments from the American press. “Twenty years later, I reluctantly realized that this was not a good time to withdraw US troops.”The President addressed the eagerly awaited people of the country over his silence over the weekend.

Mr Biden, shocked for the first time since the election, confirmed the withdrawal of troops after August 31 by handing over the country’s fate to the Afghan government and troops.

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Almost all the American media are talking, including those who greeted his election with relief “Disaster”, CNN channel or a “Provocative Defense”, As Boston Globe, When Washington Post Joe describes Pitney “On the Defensive”.

“A mistake”

In its editorial, The Washington Post Looking back differently “mistakes” Condemning the departure of the US President “Sloppy” U.S. forces led to disastrous films Chaos at Kabul airportMany died when they tried to stick to military planes on departure. “Withdrawal should not have degenerated into a catastrophic scene”, Writes the Liberal newspaper, accordingly “The President may have heard many of the wise opinions of his advisers.”.

“Whether it is fair or unfair, history will remember that Joe Biden was the one who led to the disgraceful end of the American experience in Afghanistan.” After twenty years of war, on Monday The New York Times, I apologize for his posture during the President’s speech. “Joe Biden spent more time rethinking the chaotic way out of Afghanistan.”, Continues daily.

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In the same line, The Los Angeles Times Sorry for the president “Did not accept his responsibilities”, Faced this devastating withdrawal of U.S. troops.

Tuesday, August 17th

In a joint letter, from journalists New York Times, From The Wall Street Journal And you Washington Post He also called on the US president to help expel Afghan journalists who have contributed to the region’s media coverage.

USA Today Joe did not clear his words to criticize Biden’s statements. “Some US presidents, like Joe Biden in Afghanistan, have seen their spectacular mistakes confirmed in such a spectacular way in real time.”, A few weeks ago before recalling the same comment, the public daily comments: The idea that the Taliban own the whole country is highly unlikely. “

“A political war that has just begun”

Some media outlets have turned to the political consequences of Mr Biden’s speech. While he continued to support the withdrawal of US troops, Republicans seized a golden opportunity to criticize him.

“Republicans seeking to win both seats in Congress in next year’s election see an opportunity to attack Biden on an issue that has traditionally been very strong – foreign policy.”Amber Phillips argues in an analysis published in Washington Post. The Washington Post Feels this conflict “The first definitions of a political war that will begin when the war in Afghanistan ends.”

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The speech of the President of the United States made headlines in some foreign newspapers, especially in the United Kingdom. Daily telegram The title is “Biden escapes from America”. Small magazine The sunHe posts a picture of Mr. Biden on a boardroom table “Joke Biden” (“Biden Joke”), with an accurate verse “Press surprised” (“The president is surprised by the defeat”).

“Biden: This is the fault of the Afghans”, The title, in one of its Tuesday editions, The Daily Mail, Its author Richard Littlejan, believes that the war on terror began and ended when it began “Bodies falling from the sky and the humiliated United States”.

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